Training, Mar. 15 - Mar. 21

Monday:  11 AM - 10 quality - In San Diego all week, warm and sunny.
5 PM - 6 easy, w/ 7 sets of diagonals - Myrtle core, king deadlifts, abs, hamstring curls
Total - 16

Tuesday:  10 AM - 13 quality - abs - Nearly 80 degrees out and sunny, I was baking!
Total - 13

Wednesday:  9 AM - 16 quality, w/ 10 mile tempo/progression - It was another 80 degree day, so I tried to get going early.  10 mile tempo "effort" at about 5:30-5:40 pace on the oceanfront.  Didn't make it out for an afternoon run, as I was drinking a lot of Guinness (St. Paddy's Day!).  This will make it a bit tougher to hit my mileage goals.
Total - 16

Thursday:  9 AM - 11 easy, w/ drills, 6 mins hill springing/bounding - Myrtle core, king deadlifts, abs, hamstring curls - With singles the last two days, I'm left trying to "make up" the supplementary work I missed.  Hence both the drills and hill springing/bounding.  Going to get short hill sprints in the evening.
4 PM - 10 easy, w/ 2 x 6 short hills

Friday:  9 AM - 18 quality
Total - 18

Saturday:  6 AM - 10 quality, w/ 4 sets diagonals - Ran early before travel home, got in an abbreviated set of diagonals.  Travel the rest of the day, no time for doubling.
Total - 10

Sunday:  10 AM - 10 quality - abs, hamstring curls - In Chicago before heading back to Bloomington.
Total - 10

Summary:  104 miles, 2x core, 3x hamstring curls, 4x abs

Not a bad week, though not a great week either.  I was hoping for a bit more mileage and bit more core work.  That said, I got in mostly quality running and most of the other supplementary work.   Travel made things a bit tough.