Training, Mar. 1 - Mar. 7

Monday:  Noon - 20 quality - Cut the long run short yesterday, and moved it to today.  Solo, did 20 miles around campus, mostly on Woodcrest.  First 10 were 6:30 avg., second 10 were 5:45 avg., in what turned into a nice little tempo/progression
Total - 20

Tuesday:  Noon - 6 easy, w/ 5 sets of diagonals - Myrtle core + king deadlifts, abs, hamstring curls - Felt pretty tired from yesterday's run, but the strides felt good.
7 PM - 10 quality - Ran with John out on the XC course.  The weather is starting to creep toward decent.
Total - 16

Wednesday:  10 AM - 10 easy - Solo.
Total - 10

Thursday:  11 AM - 8 easy - Solo on rail trail, felt pretty tired still...haven't been getting good enough sleep.
4 PM - 6 easy, w/ 8x short hills - Ran with John.  Felt awful, but got the hills in.
Total - 14

Friday:  5 PM - 10 easy, w/ 5 mins hill springing/bounding - abs, hamstring curls - Ran pretty slow w/ a big group.  Finished up back at the house and got a little springing/bounding in.  Glad to get back on that, so I can build it back up.
Total - 10

Saturday:  1 PM - 12 quality, w/ 5 sets diagonals - abs, hamstring curls, king deadlifts - Ran with John post-MPRE test, beautiful day, stopped at Dunn Meadow for the diagonals.
Total - 12

Sunday:  10 AM - 30 quality - Ran the Boltinghouse loop from the house, met up with John for 17 of it, then swung into a Woodcrest loop.  I plan on doing about 3 or 4 overdistance, 30+ mile runs over the next 3 months or so.  This was the first attempt, which went quite well.  My legs didn't feel great (not quite enough sleep, and maybe a bit too much work yesterday), but after the first 21 miles or so in about 7:00 pace (over some very difficult terrain), started dropping the pace in a nice progression run.  Had splits for the 23rd through 28th miles, which were: 6:11, 6:06, 5:57, 5:44, 5:36, 5:13.  I was in extremis on this last mile, but I was glad to be able to cut this down to MP or under.  Cooled down the last two miles back to the house.  The quick part brought the average pace down a bit, hit 3 hours, 25 minutes for the whole run.  The point of doing these overdistance runs is to really use up all muscle fibers and available energy sources.  This kind of training tool is one that will help teach the body to burn fuel efficiently (i.e. with a greater percentage of fat) for the marathon.  See Kenny Moore, and his 36 milers (30 easy, 6 at MP).
Total - 30

Summary:  112 miles, 1x Myrtle core, 3x abs, 3x hamstring curls

I was pretty happy with the week overall.  Mileage was a hair under what I wanted, but I just needed a little more rest than I anticipated mid-week.  Was glad to get on the supplementary work pretty well.  Had four days with extra work (2 w/ diagonals, hill springing/bounding, and short hills).  Need to keep that up, and also get the core up there too, as I adjust to the work volume.