Training, Jan. 25 - Jan. 31

Monday:  10 AM - 7 easy
7 PM - 10 quality - Ran with John, it was snowing.
Total - 17

Tuesday:  10 AM - 7 quality - Felt pretty awful.  Icy/sloppy roads didn't help.
7 PM - 8 easy - With John.
Total - 15

Wednesday:  10 AM - 14 quality - hamstring curls - Had a 9 mile progression run on Woodcrest + Frat Loop, 2.5 mile w/u, 1.5 mile w/d.  Hopped in my new Adidas Mana flats to break them in for the San Blas Half Marathon.  The footing was good 95% of the time.  Got a little anxious (again) and started too quickly.  I want to just ease from 6 flat down to 5:40s over the first 5 miles, but started out with a 5:46 (albeit downhill).  Luckily I reigned it in a bit and was still able to progress for the full 9.  Splits were: 5:46, 5:47, 5:44, 5:38, 5:33, 5:25, 5:17, 5:35, 5:02 = 49:52.  That second to last mile is horrendous, one long climb...I remember a progression runs in the past when I was in 2:26 marathon shape that hit that mile in 5:52.  Anyway, the run averaged out to 5:32 and change pace on a tough course.  Even out that pace, and I think I could be rolling out a 5:25 pace 9 miler on the same route right now.  Which leads me to believe that 5:20 pace (sub 1:10) is a reasonable goal for San Blas next week, even if it is a tough course.
7 PM - 7 easy - Ran with John.
Total - 21

Thursday:  11 AM - 12 quality - In the end, probably pushed a bit too hard on this run, as I ended up ditching the PM run cause I felt like crap.
Total - 12

Friday:  11 AM - 4 easy - Myrtle core, abs, hamstring curls - Glad I got out the door, but I felt pretty awful still, so kept it real short.  Finally got in some core work.
5 PM - 7 easy w/ 8x short hills - Ran with John out on Grammercy then put in 8 short hills on the far side of Griffey.
Total - 11

Saturday:  10 AM - 22 quality - Ran out northwest of town.  6:30s average for the whole thing with a 5 min negative split.  I'm happy with that in the hilly Bloomington countryside anytime.  Solid run.
Total - 22

Sunday:  10 AM - 11 quality - Ran with Hursh on the rail trail and actually felt pretty decent, considering.
Total - 11

Summary:  109 miles, 1x short hills, 1x core, 1x abs, 2x hamstring curls

I was pretty happy with the week.  Had a solid progression run and a solid long run.  The mileage was back up to a reasonable range too, though I fell a bit short of what I had planned on for the week.  Finally got a core session back in the mix.  I'll really be able to get back on top of that and other supplementary work (hills, strides, drills, etc.) after next week and the San Blas half marathon.  I'm supposed to take off for Puerto Rico on Thursday next week with the race on Sunday.  I think I'm still just shooting for a conservative start, and hopefully a sub-1:10.  Should be a good experience either way.