Training, Feb. 8 - Feb. 14

Monday:  11 AM - 6+ easy - Last run in Puerto Rico, ran with Brian.
PM - Travel back Bloomington.
Total - 6

Tuesday:  10 AM - 9 easy - Big contrast coming back to a snow-covered Bloomington.
7 PM - 8 easy - With John.
Total - 17

Wednesday:  10 AM - 9 easy
7 PM - 8 easy/quality - First 3 easy with John and Beth Rosenbarger, last 5 quicker with John.  Waiting on core and stuff until my quads finally get rid of their soreness.
Total - 17

Thursday:  No run, sick, sore throat.  Playing it safe.  With the last week of travel, some long days, short nights, etc., I'm not too surprised that a cold popped up.

Friday:  Off, sick.

Saturday:  Off, sick.  Probably should have gotten in an easy 4 or 5 today as I was starting to feel better, but I had a ton of school work and wanted to make sure I was recovered.

Sunday:  11 AM - 20 quality - First 14 with John out on Maple Street loop a little easier (7 min pace)--ran into my housemate Caroline on the bike too--then a 6 mile campus loop solo, dropping it pretty hard, 6 flats down to about 5:20s by the end.  Good run.
Total - 20

Summary:  60 miles

Obviously, I'm not happy with the fact that I got sick and missed a lot of miles, but I got over it pretty quick and am pretty much back to normal now.  Next week, I'll hopefully finally be able to put in the kind of miles I want to be putting in.  I haven't been able to for like the whole last 7 week due to sickness and racing.