Training, Feb. 1 - Feb. 7

Monday:  10 AM - 10 quality - Solo.
7 PM - 9 easy - hamstring curls, abs - With John.
Total - 19

Tuesday:  11 AM - 14 - 10 mile progression run, 2.5 mi w/u, 1.5 mi w/d.  Ran on Woodcrest + Frat Loop.  I felt pretty awful going through the first mile in 5:59.  Thought about scrapping the whole thing, then decided I would just try to run a sort of marathon date pace run (maybe 5:40/5:45s) for as long as I could.  But in the end, I stayed tough and actually ended up progressing through the run... the last 9 were slower than last week, but I was happy with it, for how I felt.  Splits: 5:59, 5:48, 5:45, 5:41, 5:41, 5:35, 5:32, 5:25, 5:46, 5:14. 
7 PM - 7 easy - Ran with John, felt pretty crappy.
Total - 21

Wednesday:  3 PM - 8 easy, w/ a few easy strides - hamstring curls - Planned on doubling, but felt pretty rotten, so started to take it easy in anticipation fo the race Sunday.
Total - 8

Thursday:  11 AM - 7 easy - In Chicago, before leaving for Puerto Rico.
Total - 7

Friday:  11 AM - 7 easy - In Puerto Rico, ran with my fellow traveler/roommate, Brian Runyon.  About 90 degrees out.  We're staying at the Olympic training center, but we ran out into the hills and small towns surrounding the area. 
4 PM - 5+ easy, w/ 4 strides - Ran with Brian again, finished at the track.
Total - 12

Saturday:  8 AM - 4+ easy - With Brian.
4 PM - 4+ easy, w/ a few strides - Ran easy down on the track with a few other competitors.
Total - 8

Sunday:  8 AM - 2+ easy - Pre-race shakeout.
4 PM - 17+ - 3 mile w/u including strides, 13.1 mile race (Maraton San Blas), 1+ mile w/d.  Ran 1:16:16 for 32nd place.  I was OK with the race overall.  Very tough, 90 degrees, 70% humidity, and ridiculously hilly.  Got beat by two Kenyan women and a Hungarian women.  But I ran pretty tough over the last 2k to re-pass a Puerto Rican guy and Colombian and Ethiopian women.  I'm writing a longer recap post/article that I'll post later this week, kind of explaining the whole race experience down there. 
Total - 19

Summary:  93 miles, one race, progression run, 1x abs, 2x hamstring curls.

I was pretty happy with the week.  Got some reasonable volume in while backing off a bit for the race in Puerto Rico, which I thought went fairly well.  Like I said above, I'll post a long recap post later this week.  Back to the grind now.