Training, Jan. 18 - Jan. 24

Monday:  10 AM - 7+ quality - hamstring curls - Ran with John out on Cascades.
Total - 7

Tuesday:  11 AM - 8 easy, w/ 4 sets of diagonals - hamstring curls
7 PM - 8 quality - With John.
Total - 16

Wednesday:  11 AM - 10 (workout: 2 mile w/u with strides, 7 mile progression run, 1 mile w/d) - In light of the half marathon I'm doing in 2 1/2 weeks, I'm going to do a progression each week just to prime the systems a bit.  Planned on an 8 mile progression on Woodcrest (a hilly course, for which I have measured mile markers).  It was a tough route, and after 7 I wasn't going to be getting any faster today, so I stopped.  I hope to build to 9 or 10 in the next two weeks.  Splits for today were: 5:52, 5:47, 5:47, 5:33, 5:29, 5:28, 5:19 = 39:18, or ~5:37 average.  Overall, given some crappy weather (windy, freezing rain) and a lack of sleep (I had a paper due this morning), I felt the run went pretty well.  Even the pace out, that's gotta be 5:30s on a tough course in poor conditions.  My initial thought of a goal in Puerto Rico was sub-1:10, or ~5:20 pace, and it seems like that might be a realistic possibility for now.
Total - 10

Thursday:  11 AM - 8 easy - XC course, solo.
7 PM - 9 quality - hamstring curls - Had a few beers in me from a post-panel discussion reception, so I felt a little off.
Total - 17

Friday:  11 AM - 13 quality
5 PM - 7 easy, w/ 8 short hill sprints - hamstring curls - So this is the first time I've brought the hill sprints back into my current base phase.  Basically, they work on improving your basic speed, but they also increase stroke volume (volume of blood the heart beats in one pump).  This latter is best accomplished by max. differentials in heart rate (like from rest, to max, to rest again).  So a 200m interval workout will improve stroke volume too, but you're also producing a bunch of lactic acid and wearing yourself out.  The short hills accomplish the same effect, but you never start producing lactic acid, cause they're only about 12 seconds long.  So you can fit a couple days of them in per week in your base phase and not really be a whole lot worse for the wear.  Canova's a big fan of them, as well as Brad Hudson and some others.
Total - 20

Saturday:  8 PM - 7 quality - hamstring curls - Ran with John around campus.
Total - 7

Sunday: 11 AM - 19 quality - Solo out to Lake Lemon.  Very tough route.  Averaged 6:40s on the way out and 6:15s on the way back.  On so many hills, this was a hard effort. 
Total - 19

Summary:  96 miles, 4x hamstring curls

Continuing to get back on track.  I should have gotten core in once or twice toward the end of the week, once I was finally able, but other than that, everything went pretty well.  The progression was solid, though I was a bit impatient, and the long run was good.  Hope to be more like 120+ miles next week, before backing off a bit for the half marathon in Puerto Rico.