Training, Jan. 11 - Jan. 17

Monday:  4 PM - 9 quality - hamstring curls, abs - Felt pretty much like crap, per usual since taking time off.

Tuesday:  4 PM - 11 quality - Partially with John Hursh, the rest solo/with some IU Run Club guys.  Felt a little better.

Wednesday:   Noon - 13 quality - hamstring curls, abs - I'm still holding off on the core, because my lymph node is still messed up and swollen.

Thursday:  7 PM - 7+ quality - With John after class.

Friday:  10 AM - 8 quality - Solo, felt like crap.

Saturday:  5 PM - 8 quality, w/ 4 sets of diagonals - Felt good to get a little turnover back. 

Sunday:  2 PM - 19+ quality - This is the first run since my time off that I really felt like I had my legs back under me again.  I went out on an old route of mine, Boltinghouse, with a giant hill in the middle.  The whole route is pretty damn tough really.  I only had a measured split for the 3rd and 17th miles.  The 3rd was in 6:30 and I only picked it up from there...probably rolling sub-6 effort through the middle stages, though the hills have to cost you at least 15-20 seconds a mile.  Surprised myself with a 5:30 17th mile (which is moderately hilly) after having thrashed my legs for an hour and a half.  That was about the pace I was going for the last four.

Summary:  75 miles, 1x strides, 2x hamstring curls, 2x abs

I guess I'm satisfied with this first full week coming back.  Legs felt like crap a good bit, but with the long run, looked like things are turning around.  I thought about doubling a number of times, and maybe should have, but my legs felt like enough junk that I didn't.  The long run showed that the fitness is still there, which is good, because I've confirmed for sure that I'm running a half marathon in Puerto Rico in three weeks.  This is the website:  This opportunity came up through a guy I met (and ran with for the Chicago-based Universal Sole group) at Steamboat this summer.  It's a paid trip and looks like a pretty cool race on a fairly tough course.  Obviously, I won't be in peak form, but I'll do a few progression runs in the coming weeks and give it a good effort.  I don't think I'll embarrass myself anyway.