Training, Dec. 28 - Jan. 10

So the last two weeks have been a little rough.  I got in a couple of solid days just before the new year (Mon. - 5/14 double, Tues. - 6/10 double w/ 7 sets of diagonals), but then got the flu (no H1N1, just normal symptoms).  But I had a fever for several days, muscle aches, and headaches.  I needed to take a few days off for that, but unfortunately, I got a swollen lymph node in the wake of the flu (some sort of immune system reaction I guess).  It was the lymph node by my lower left abdomen and it caused me to not be able to lift my left leg more than about a foot for the next several days.  Needless to say, I wasn't running those days.  I finally got back to it after 9 days off, with an easy 8 miles on Friday, Jan. 8.  I got in 9 miles Saturday and 11 on Sunday when I finally arrived back in Bloomington, IN for the semester.  I'm on antibiotics for the lymph node, which is still swollen, but no longer preventing me from running.  I've been amazed and humbled by how much crap I feel like after 9 days off.  Hitting the hills back here in Bloomington hasn't helped.  All I can really do right now is just run by feel and wait for my legs to get back under me before I really ramp up the training.  So for the last two weeks, I got in a total of 63 miles.  I'll hope things only go up from here and my troubles were left back in 2009.