Training, Nov. 30 - Dec. 6

Monday:  8 AM - 10 quality - Last day in Brussels.
PM - Off, tired from travel.
Total - 10

Tuesday:  9 AM - 15 quality - hamstring curls - Back in Hamburg.
4 PM - 9 easy
Total - 24

Wednesday:  11 AM - 12 quality - Myrtle core, abs, hamstring curls - I could definitely tell this was my first time doing core in a while.
PM - 10 easy, w/ hill springing and bounding (2 hills each) - Lydiard springing/bounding on a moderate hill (~50 m long).  Just a couple sets for this first time...will eventually build to 15+ minutes. 
Total - 22

Thursday:  Noon - 18 quality
PM - Off.  Went a bit too hard on the 18 miler and the legs were dead and needed a break.
Total - 18

Friday:  11 AM - 12 easy
6 PM - 11 easy - Myrtle core, abs, king deadlifts, hamstring curls - Added the king deadlifts to the routine (10 each leg, for the glutes) at the suggestion of Jeff Coover.  These are something I used to do as part of my core routine years ago, but had forgotten about them. 
Total - 23

Saturday:  11 AM - 15 quality - Hammered pretty good.
PM - Off.  Combination of legs being really tired after the morning run, and the fact that it was just above freezing and raining (how familiar).  That type of weather is where I'm weakest.  I'm actually really looking forward to getting back to the Midwest where it'll be 10 degrees F and you don't have to worry about rain.
Total - 15

Sunday:  Noon - 24 quality - Gorgeous, great run down the Elbe River toward the Ocean.  Averaged about 6:05s on the way out (though I was going sub-6 by mile 6) and 5:40s on the way back.
6 PM - 4 easy - Was very stiff and sore, but the run helped flush things out.
Total - 28

Summary:  140 miles, 1x hill springing/bounding, 2x core, 2x abs, 1x king deadlifts, 3x hamstring curls

 Solid week.  Not great, missed a few easy runs because I pushed a bit too hard on some of the quality aerobic runs.  Also, the core was a little rough coming back after missing a few weeks with sickness/traveling.  Next week I'm traveling to Italy for a few days, but nothing too substantial, so I should be able to keep the miles up.  Only two weeks left in Germany before I head home for good.