Training, Nov. 23 - Nov. 29

Monday:  Off - I decided to skip the morning run, and planned on an easy shakeout in the evening, which didn't home from class at 9 pm and it was pouring rain and about 35 degrees.
Total - 0

Tuesday:  11 AM - 15 quality
Total - 11

Wednesday:  10 AM - 18 quality
Total - 18

Thursday:  Off - Travel to Belgium.  Planned on an hour in the evening, but it was hailing/pouring and just above freezing in Gent.  This is about the worst possible weather to run in, though doable if you have the right gear and the ability to get warm afterward, wash your clothes, etc.  But being in a hostel without proper gear, it really would have been bad news to try it.  The running gods apparently don't want me running much this week. 
Total - 0

Friday:  4 PM - 10 quality - I got stuck in some of the worst weather I've ever run in.  I was in Brugge, it had been raining all day lightly, but when I was mid-run, outside of town, the wind started blowing 30+ mph and it started pouring rain.  I had to turn back into the wind to return, was instantly soaked to the bone in, once again, about 35 degree weather.  Just awful.  Hammered a tempo the last half just trying to stay warm.
Total - 10

Saturday:  8 AM - 1 easy - As I woke up in Brugge, I tore a contact lens putting it in.  Not only was this the first time this has happened in probably a year, but it was also the first trip I've taken where I forgot to bring extra contacts.  I tried to go out for a run, but the weather was not much different than the night before and my vision was all messed up with one contact in.  I reiterate Thursday's comment about the running gods. 
Total - 1

Sunday:  5 PM - 8 easy - In Brussels now, went for a nice run (no rain!) in some parks and over by the EU Parliament and European Commission buildings.
Total - 8

Summary:  52 miles

This was a pretty awful week.  As usual, budget traveling puts a bit of strain on the running (not to mention all the beer drinking in Belgium), but this was pretty bad, due to the weather and some freak occurrences.  This was my last big week of travel, so the low mileage weeks should be about over.  And if I don't get sick again, hopefully I can start to string together some solid weeks now.