Training, Dec. 7 - Dec. 13

Monday:  10 AM - 8 easy - Legs were very tired and sore to start.  Yesterday was a pretty hard effort.  Felt better by the end though.
6 PM - 11 easy, w/ 4 sets of diaganols - abs, hamstring curls - Needed another easy run after yesterday's hard long run.
Total - 19

Tuesday:  11 AM - 16 quality - Legs still feeling it a bit from Sunday.
PM - Off - Legs still pretty dead.
Total - 16

Wednesday:  10 AM - 12 quality - Myrtle core, abs, hamstring curls, King deadlifts - Ran over hilly trails.
7 PM - 11 easy, w/ 6 minutes of hill springing/bounding
Total - 23

Thursday:  Off - Travel all day to Italy.
Total - 0

Friday:  9 AM - 5 easy in Milan.
PM - Off
Total - 5

Saturday:  Off - Travel all day back to Germany.
Total - 0

Sunday:  Noon - 11 quality - abs, hamstring curls
7 PM - 10 easy, w/ 4 sets of diagonals - Myrtle core, abs, hamstring curls, King deadlifts
Total - 21

Summary:  84 miles, 6 mins hill springing/bounding, 2x strides, 2x core, 4x abs, 4x hamstring curls, 2x King deadlifts

So I continued my swing of high mileage and low mileage weeks, up and down.  I hoped to be more in the 100-120 range this week, despite the traveling I was doing.  But I did pretty well on all the supplementary work.  And I guess it's not sooo bad to have major down weeks after what is, really, higher mileage than I've ever done--it ensures recovery.  And after the last 10 weeks building up, I should now be set up to keep the mileage high consistently.


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