Training, Dec. 21 - Dec. 27

Monday:  7 AM - 5 easy - Token run before 22 hours of transit back to Chicago...pleasant. 
Total - 5

Tuesday:  4 PM - 10 quality, w/ 6 sets of a diagonals - abs, hamstring curls - Back in Springfield.
Total - 10

Wednesday:  5 PM - 14 quality - Awful run that reminded me of Belgium.  Lots of wind and rain, just above freezing. 
Total - 14

Thursday:  11 AM - 8 easy, w/ 10 mins hill springing/bounding - hamstring curls - I've been struggling to get back on a good sleep pattern back in the states and have been feeling pretty crappy.  Got the hill work in though.  Another day of terrible, rainy weather.
Total - 8

Friday:  2 PM - 9 easy - Traveled to Chicago for Christmas in the morning.  This run was another shit show.  Just above freezing, I got hailed on, snowed on, and poured on.  Froze my butt off.
Total - 9

Saturday:  11 AM - 10 easy - In the forrest preserve, finally running on some snow.
6 PM - Myrtle core, king deadlifts, abs, hamstring curls - I'm not sure doing core like this has the exact same benefits as it does post-run, but I figured it was definitely better than nothing.  Need to look into that though.
Total - 10

Sunday:  5 PM - 11 quality - abs, hamstring curls - More travel all day, ran in 5 inches of snow in Springfield.  I think a lot of the winter runs are going to end up this way.  Despite running at a pretty quality effort, it took me nearly 80 minutes to cover the 11 miles.  So for the future, I think I'm going to go off of durations.  For example, if I have 60 minutes of quality aerobice running on the schedule and I'm running in deep snow, I'll just do 60-65 minutes of quality effort, even if that's only 8 or 9 miles.
Total - 11

Summary:  67 miles, 10 mins hill springing/bounding, 1x strides, 1x core, 2x abs, 3x hamstring curls

Obviously this was a pretty awful week all-around.  The majority of that had to do with traveling, and something to do with some awful weather.  It is what it need to dwell on it, it's just extremely frustrating to do only get in half of the work you want.