Training, Dec. 14 - Dec. 20

Monday:  1 PM - 10 quality - Hilly trails.
6 PM - 10 easy, w/ 5 sets of diagonals - Myrtle core, abs, hamstring curls, king deadlifts
Total - 20

Tuesday:  11 AM - 14 quality - So part of the classic Lydiard base (which admittedly, I am changing some, adding in more muscular skeletal stuff, etc.) is to do a 10 mile tempo on Tuesdays.  It starts easy (maybe 6 min pace for me) at the beginning of the phase, and gets faster each week.  I thought about starting this up this week.  My legs kinda felt like crap as I warmed up, but I went with it anyway...did 5 miles in ~5:55 pace and bagged it.  It was discouraging, though I know I've gone significantly faster than this for large portions of many of my runs.  I think the issue is, that being new to this high of mileage, I'm gonna feel like crap some days and I can't really control when those days are.  So for now, given the volume of work, I think I'm gonna can the Lydiard 10 mile tempo and just let some of my quality runs naturally progress when I feel good.  I might bring it back in a few months...we'll see.
Total - 14

Wednesday:  Noon - 9 easy - Myrtle core, abs, hamstring curls, king deadlifts
7 PM - 9 easy, w/ 8 mins hill springing/bounding
Total - 18

Thursday:  6 PM - 10 quality
 Total - 10

Friday:  11 AM - 9 quality - Felt like crap.
4 PM - 9 easy, w/ 5 sets of diagonals - Myrtle core, king deadlifts, abs, hamstring curls
Total - 18

Saturday:  5 PM - 10 quality - Hamstring curls
Total - 10

Sunday:  11 AM - 22 quality - Ran in 2-3 inches of snow, made for quite a long run.
Total - 22

Summary:  112 miles, 8 mins hill springing/bounding, 2x strides, 3x Myrtle core, 3x king deadlifts, 3x abs, 4x hamstring curls

Not a great week, not a terrible week.  This was my last week in Hamburg.  Things were a little tougher with finals going on.  Felt a little rough due to lack of sleep I think and just being run down a bit from travel the previous weekend.  I was glad to get in 3 good core sessions though as well as the days of diagonals and hill springing/bounding.  Need to stay on top of the supplementary work beyond just running.  Flying home on Monday.