Training, Oct. 26 - Nov. 1

Monday:   AM - 9 easy - In parks in Cologne.
PM - 8 quality - abs, hamstring curls
Total - 17

Tuesday:  AM - 16 quality - abs - Up the Rhine River north of Cologne.  Solid run, was racing a French boat back down the river for about 5 miles on the way back.  I won.
Total - 16

Wednesday:  AM - 9 easy
PM - 10 easy - Tired, in Budapest now.
Total - 19

Thursday:  AM - 8 easy
Total - 8

Friday:  AM - 8 easy - Getting very tired from all the travel and sightseeing.  It's cool and all, but the runs are suffering.
Total - 8

Saturday:  No run.  Travel from Budapest to Dusseldorf, and then to Hamburg.
Total - 0

Sunday:  AM - 22 quality - Legs felt pretty decent due to yesterday off.  Ran up the Alster River again, this time for 22 round trip.  A pretty quick run, just like two weeks ago, sub-6 basically the whole way, closing pretty hard.
Total - 22

Summary:  90 miles, 2x ab sessions, 1x hamstring curls.

This week reaffirmed what I already knew.  I can't budget travel and still maintain a decent running schedule.  It just involves too many long train/plane/bus rides, and too many walking tours, etc.  Did the best I could with it.  No core, basically stopped on the abs/hammy exercises too.  This was sort of the last big trip while I'm in Germany, so hopefully things will get better from here.  Should be fine next week.