Training, Oct. 19 - Oct. 25

Monday:   AM - 10 quality - abs - Volkspark.
PM - 9 easy - Myrtle core, abs, hamstring curls
Total - 19

Tuesday:  AM - 11 quality - abs - Volkspark.
PM - 8 easy - abs, hamstring curls - In the old neighborhood.  I've had finals the last two days, which made it a little rough to fit things in, but got it done.
Total - 19

Wednesday:  AM - 10 quality - abs - Volkspark/cemetary.
PM - 8 easy - Myrtle core, abs, hamstring curls
Total - 18

Thursday:  AM - 14 quality - abs, hamstring curls - Pretty quick run up on the Alster River.
PM - 4 easy - Almost didn't make it out the door for the shakeout.
Total - 18

Friday:  AM - 11 quality - After the run, traveled to Berlin to start a 9 day post-finals trip.  Running will definitely be a challenge while traveling, and unfortunately, its effects are already showing up a bit, as I was too sluggish and it was too late for me to get an evening run in.
Total - 11

Saturday:  AM - 13 quality - In Berlin, found a nice park out west past the industrial area.
PM - 12 easy - Ran the Nike Human Race 10k in Berlin with Eva in about 50:00 along with some extra running before and after.
Total - 25

Sunday:  PM - 18 quality - After all day travel to Cologne, and an early evening nap, finally got the long run in.  Had planned on 20+, and I was definitely fatigued from all the travel and 25 miles plus walking around all day the day before, but still got in a solid run.
Total - 18

Summary:  128 miles, 2x Myrtle core, 7x ab sessions, 4x hamstring curls.

Solid week overall.  First real week of Lydiard training, though I'll still be building the miles--both quality and supplementary running.  Missed a run on Friday due to travel, as well as some core/abs/hammy work, but the week didn't suffer too much for it.  Hopefully I can still get a solid week in next week in Cologne, Budapest, and Dusseldorf.