Training, Oct. 12 - Oct. 18

Monday:  AM - 7 easy - In Pisa, in the pouring rain...kind of fun.
PM - 8 easy - abs, hamstring curls - Back in Hamburg, at my new place.  Feeling a bit jet-lagged.
Total - 15

Tuesday:  AM - 9 easy
PM - 8 easy - abs, hamstring curls
Total - 17

Wednesday:  PM - 11 easy - hamstring curls - Found a new park to run in, Volkspark.
Total - 11

Thursday:  PM - 9 quality - Took the train up to a nature preserve with Eva.  Nice trails.
Total - 9

Friday:  PM - 7 quality - abs, hamstring curls - Found a new route along a canal to the lake.
Total - 7

Saturday:  AM - 21 quality - Took the new canal route up to my old neighborhood and along the Alster River.  Almost all on (flat) trails, going 6 minute pace or better by about mile 3. 
Total - 21

Sunday:  AM - 5 easy
Total - 5

Summary:  85 miles, 2x ab sessions, 3x hamstring curls.

First week back with some real mileage.  Felt a little sluggish most the week, which is to be expected I suppose.  Hoped to get a little more quality running in, but I'll be patient.  I'm planning on getting back to some solid core sessions as well, starting with the Myrtle core routine that Jay Johnson put on the Running Times website.  But this was the first week back doing much of anything, so I haven't started the core yet.  Did start in with some light ab work though, and hamstring curls as well.  These are an exercise I got from Nate Jenkins, where you go to your knees like you're praying, and lift your hamstring as high as you can and hold for a few seconds.  This leads to almost instant cramping if you're not used to it or have weak hamstring (i.e. me).  About all I can manage right now is one set of 10 for each leg.  But my hamstrings went on me very early in Berlin and have been causing trouble all summer, so this is an area I really need to work on and fix.